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based Tracking Company

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SkaiTrack technologies is a solely Nigerian and Nigerian based entity whose primary focus is to deliver affordable, efficient and effective advanced information technology with specialties in Vehicle tracking, Asset and fleet management solutions.

We have been able to achieve this by deploying cutting edge advanced technology in the form of GPS/GPRS mode of operation tracking devices. Which helps give users of our technology the option of using our online portal via PCs and Laptops, Mobile App or SMS based applications via their mobile phones. The diagram below further illustrates the mode of operation of GPS/GPRS/GSM tracking devices.

Our devices are installed in cars, truck and any earth moving equipment. This makes our services span across all forms or businesses and or sectors of the economy.

Our target audiences include but not limited to;

  • Haulage and Logistics firms (Transport sector)
  • School Buses (Educational sector)
  • Oil and Gas ( oil and Gas sector)
  • Banks (Financial sector)
  • Multinationals
  • Private Individuals

Whichever sector of the economy we are rendering our services to, we remain professional at all levels. At the same time, we offer services that can be second to none in the industry in terms of uniqueness, flexibility and affordability

* SkaiTrack technologies in collaboration with its foreign technical partners provide vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions via sales, installation and maintenance of tracking devices which will be installed in client’s vehicle(s). This will enable client(s) to monitor and control the events of the vehicle(s) which include;

  • Vehicle location on real time
  • Engine status detection
  • Mileage calculation
  • Vehicle service and maintenance scheduling
  • Geofencing
  • SMS Alerts
  • Remote Engine Shutdown
  • Over speeding reports
  • Tracking by time or distance interval